The Ultimate Guide to Eastman Tubas

The Eastman Music Company has become one of the top players in the music industry. In particular they've been making a name for themselves in the world of tubas and low brass.

Combining old world craftmanship with modern technology, Eastman tubas have become a top choice among professional players while being affordable for schools and students.

In this comprehensive guide we'll answer some common questions about Eastman, their tubas, and go over every model that's currently available.

Let's dive in!

What is the Eastman Music Company?

The company was founded as Eastman Strings in 1992 by Qian Ni. He was an exchange student from Beijing, an accomplished flutist, and graduate of the Boston University School of Music.

Eastman first started as a distributor, then later began building their own instruments. Over the course of their 30-year history they've grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of string, brass, and woodwind instruments in the world.

Today, Eastman is headquartered in Pomona, CA. It owns and operates 7 factories throughout the world - four in North America and three in China.

Where are Eastman tubas made?

Eastman tubas are made in-house in their factory in China. Since Eastman owns the factory they are involved with the construction every step of the way - they don't outsource to independent factories. This ensures that quality control is kept to a very high standard.

Before going to market, their tubas go through an extensive design and testing process. Several prototypes get made before the final design makes it to music stores and into the hands of players.

All this ensures that you get the best tubas possible!

What professionals are saying about Eastman tubas.

Here's what some pro tuba players are saying about Eastman:

"When I think of Eastman, I think about a product that serves the needs of the player, the people, and the community. I love my Eastman tuba!"

-Deana Swoboda, professor of tuba - Arizona State University

"World-class people producing world-class products. Eastman helped me find my musical voice. Let them help you!"

-Chris Olka, principal tuba - Cincinnati Philharmonic Orchestra

"The Eastman sousaphone is a game-changer. It’s simply the best sousaphone I’ve ever played—and I’ve played a lot! It has a beautiful, full-bodied sound across the entire range of the horn, responds well with multiple modes of attack, projects like crazy, and plays well in tune. And on top of it all, it’s comfortable! I’ll never play another sousa."

-Marc Bolin, recording and performing artist</