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Musical Instrument Repair

At Summerhays Music Center, we repair any brass, woodwind, and orchestral string instrument. If your musical instrument isn’t working properly, don’t hesitate. With decades of combined experience, our professional repair technicians will bring new life into your instrument and have it sounding better than ever.


Bring your musical instrument in for a free repair estimate, or sign up for our maintenance & theft protection plan, and see how we can help you perform with confidence.

Some of the repair services we offer:

String Instrument Repair

• Complete instrument set-ups​

• Bow rehair

• Soundpost adjustments

• Fix and patch cracks

• Wittner fine-tuning peg installs

• Replace strings

• Fingerboard planing

• Bridge replacement

Band Instrument Repair


• Complete instrument set-ups

• Chemical cleanings

• Dent removal

• Piston and slide repair

• Key adjustment & set-up

• Replace pads

• Replace key and tenon corks

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What string instruments do you repair?

We repair any orchestral string instruments like violin, viola, cello, and bass.

2. What brass instruments do you repair?

We repair most brass instruments including, but not limited to:

• Trumpet

• Cornet

• Trombone

• French Horn

• Baritone Horn

• Euphonium

• Tuba

• Marching Brass

3. What woodwind instruments do you repair?

We repair most woodwind instruments including, but not limited to:

• Flute

• Piccolo

• Oboe

• English Horn

• Bassoon

• Clarinet & Bass Clarinet

• Saxophone


4. Do you repair pianos, guitars, or percussion instruments?

No. Our repair shop specializes in brass, woodwind, and orchestral string instruments. We recommend contacting independent specialists who work on these instruments: 


• Pianos: See our list of piano technicians

• Guitars: Contact Best in Music in Orem, UT.

• Percussion: Contact Re-Percussion.

5. How much will my repair cost?

That depends. Without seeing and handling the instrument, our repair shop can’t give a proper repair estimate. Some issues may result from underlying problems that aren’t so obvious on the surface and can cost more than expected.


Bring your instrument into the repair shop and our technicians will give you a free repair estimate.

6. How long will it take to repair my instrument?

Depending on the time of year, repairs can take anywhere from a few days to three weeks. Please contact the repair shop for an estimated completion time.


7. How much does it cost to install a new set of strings?

We don’t charge any extra fees to install new strings on a violin, viola, cello, or bass. Your cost will only be the price of the new strings.

8. How often should I bring my instrument in for maintenance?

We recommend bringing your instrument in at least once a year for routine maintenance, especially if it’s regularly being played. 

9. Do you offer any warranty on your repairs?

We guarantee our repairs for up to 90 days after completion. If your instrument continues to have the same issues after repairing it, Summerhays will, at its discretion, work to resolve it.


Summerhays will not offer warranty repairs on issues caused by the following:


• Malicious or intentional damage

• Horseplay

• Neglect

• Mishandling or misuse of instruments

• Repairs or attempted repairs not performed by a Summerhays technician


10. Are there any instruments you won’t repair?

At their discretion, Summerhays repair technicians may decline to repair an instrument for a variety of reasons:

• Availability of parts

• The manufacturer no longer supports the model

• The brand/manufacturer is defunct

• The estimated cost of repair is higher than the value of the instrument

Our technicians may also decline to repair instruments from select brands, such as inexpensive ones purchased online. This is largely due to their high failure rates and availability of parts.


11. Can I borrow an instrument while mine is being repaired?

We only offer loaner instruments to customers who are participating in the Maintenance & Theft Protection plan. Please see the store for details.

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