10 Community Orchestras in Utah County

Community orchestras bring a lot of value to an area. They give musicians a chance to bond over a shared love of music and perform outside of work or school. They also vastly enrich the culture of the surrounding community.

Whether you’re itching to join a group or just want to listen to beautiful music, there are several community orchestras worth checking out around Utah County. These include both adult orchestras and extracurricular youth symphonies.

Community Orchestras

These programs are available for any adult to participate. They include audition and non-audition ensembles and are spread out throughout Utah County.

American Fork Symphony

This orchestra features about 90 musicians from all over Utah County. They perform throughout American Fork and other surrounding cities and offer solo opportunities for youth and adult musicians.

City: American Fork

Website: www.americanforkarts.com/symphony

Nebo Philharmonic

Based in southern Utah County, this is a wonderful volunteer orchestra consisting of members that are age 16 and older. They’ve had a solid performance presence in Spanish Fork, Salem, and other cities in the area.

City: Salem

Website: www.nebophil.org

Pleasant Grove Orchestra

This orchestra is an official extension of Pleasant Grove’s city arts program. They perform throughout PG, including the community’s Concerts in the Park series.

City: Pleasant Grove

Website: www.plgrove.org/arts

Saratoga Springs Community Orchestra