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Tenor Saxophones

Instruments and accessories are available for purchase in-store only. Please contact us or call (801)226-1760 to check for availability.

What Are the Most Popular Saxophone Brands at Summerhays?

Why Choose Summerhays for Saxophones?

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Industry-Leading Brands

Choose saxophones from top brands like Yamaha, Eastman, Cannonball, and others. These instruments are preferred by professional players and teachers for their superior sound and craftsmanship.


Try Before You Buy

Pick from dozens of saxophones: all available in-store in every price range. Playtest them side by side until you find the one you absolutely love!

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Playtested and Ready to Go!

We regularly playtest and inspect our wind instruments to make sure they're in optimal condition. That way, you go home with the best-playing sax possible.


Financing Options

It's easy for you to take home your dream instrument with monthly payment plans. Choose our rent-to-own program, or learn more about our other special financing terms.

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