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What are Yamaha Advantage instruments?

Yamaha produces two lines of student instruments: the standard line and the Advantage line. Teachers and professional musicians highly recommend both to their students. Despite this, many still wonder what the difference is between Yamaha Advantage instruments and standard Yamaha instruments.

Yamaha Advantage vs. Yamaha Standard Instruments

Both Yamaha Advantage and Standard instruments are actually identical. They're all manufactured in the same facilities using the same processes, and all go through Yamaha's same high-quality control standards. They also come with the same five-year warranty, protecting your investment.

There are only a few differences between them:

  • Advantage series models are engraved with the Advantage logo, while standard models are not.

  • Advantage series instruments come in a more durable ABS case.

Other than these two differences, you'll find that they are identical to standard Yamaha instruments in every way. If you have any concerns that Yamaha Advantage instruments aren't as good, rest assured that they play every bit as well as their standard line.

Which models do Yamaha Advantage instruments compare to?

Each Advantage instrument has a counterpart in the standard line. Advantage model numbers all end in "-200AD". Here are the current models:

  • Flutes: YFL-200ADII vs. YFL-222

  • Clarinets: YCL-200ADII vs. YCL-255

  • Alto Saxophones: YAS-200ADII vs. YAS-26

  • Tenor Saxophones: YTS-200ADII vs. YTS-26

  • Trumpets: YTR-200ADII vs. YTR-2330

  • Trombones: YSL-200AD vs YSL-354

Why do Yamaha Advantage instruments come in a different case?

There are two reasons why Advantage instruments come in a different case:

  1. They're made from a highly durable ABS resin designed with young beginners in mind. Despite best efforts, having a large group of students together in a band room can result in some unforeseen accidents. The Advantage cases will minimize any potential damage an instrument would take, protect the instrument, and save on potential repair costs.

  2. Advantage instruments are manufactured for music stores that carry a large volume of student instruments. The cases are made so that they stack easily while in storage.

Where can I find Yamaha Advantage instruments?

Yamaha Advantage instruments are found exclusively in select brick-and-mortar music stores and aren't sold anywhere online. These music stores carry a large fleet of instruments and offer them as rentals for students in school music programs within their local market.

If you find an Advantage instrument online, chances are it's either a used instrument or it's from an unauthorized dealer (which would void any warranty that comes with it).

Rent a Yamaha Student Instrument Now

Yamaha band instruments are easy to play and incredibly durable, making them a top choice for any beginning player. They offer young musicians a better playing experience and less frustration with repair and maintenance issues, giving them an "advantage" over other instruments in their class.

Summerhays Music of Orem offers Yamaha instrument rentals to residents in Utah County. If you live in Utah County and need an instrument for beginning band, find us at our store or rent an instrument online and get FREE delivery to your home.

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