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Why Choose Kawai Pianos?

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

When shopping for a new piano you may be tempted by other name brands you're familiar with like Yamaha, Steinway, or Baldwin. And in all fairness, those other manufacturers produce great pianos that have made many people happy over the years.

So if there are so many other good pianos to choose from, then why choose a Kawai?

For over 90 years Kawai has been a pioneer in modern piano design. Their instruments are made using cutting-edge technologies and high-quality materials, resulting in some of the best-playing pianos seen at home and on-stage. Here we'll be going over a few reasons why it might be in your best interest to get a Kawai piano.

The Kawai Name

Kawai pianos are carefully crafted in Japan, and they brandish the family name of the founder Koichi Kawai. The Kawai family has been running the company ever since 1927, and the simple use of their family name is pretty significant in and of itself.

They aren't hiding behind a brand. They're literally putting their family name on the line. It's a statement that these are instruments the family is proud of, and they happily share their name and their passion for music with anyone and everyone.

Superior Touch

Open the lid to any Kawai piano and you'll find a highly innovative system inside. The action mechanism (or simply the action) is made up of highly-durable, precision-made parts. The brackets and railing hold everything together and provide long-term strength and stability to the action. The jacks (the part of the action responsible for moving the hammers inside) are made from carbon fiber which is many times stronger than wood and is virtually impervious to swelling and shrinking from humidity.

What this all gives you is a piano with extremely consistent and precise action, allowing you as a musician to play with complex levels of emotion and artistry.

The feel and touch of the piano is one thing. How the piano actually sounds is another...

A Beautiful Warm Tone

Some pianos, while well built, can have a shrill sound that's not very pleasing to the ears. Other pianos, while not so shrill, can have a bit of a brightness to their tone that gets tiring to hear after extended playing sessions. Kawai pianos are known for the richness and warmth of their sound. The key to that beautiful sound is the soundboard.

The soundboard on a piano is like a drum. It's designed to pick up the vibrations of the strings and is the thing that resonates and produces the sound you hear. Without it you have a pretty-looking shell that otherwise doesn't do much.

Kawai soundboards are made of solid spruce wood and have a strategically tapered design that maximize their tone producing capabilities. The soundboard, combined with the framework around it, is what gives Kawai pianos their strong, core sound. The result is a beautiful, warm tone that serious musicians will love and never get tired of hearing.

Superior Strength and Durability

Earlier we alluded to the action in Kawai instruments being incredibly well built and stable. The rest of the piano is no different. From the solid wood framing to each of the individual screws, Kawai pianos are built to last for generations!

Every Kawai piano features an assembly made to strengthen and support the solid framework and give stability to the action. The construction of the solid framework and the strength of every individual tuning pin then offer an exceptionally rigid foundation that supports the tension of the strings. This makes for an instrument that's made to withstand the rigors of regular use and requires minimal tuning.

Additional Features

Aside from touch, tone, and strength, there are other features on Kawai pianos that will make you fall in love them!

First is the look of each piano. Every piano has an attractive design and comes in a number of different finishes. Most modern Kawai pianos also come with the "soft fall" closing system, meaning the keyboard cover won't ever fall down and smash any fingers, making Kawai the perfect choice for homes with children.

Do you spend time hand-writing music at the piano? Look for a piano with a composer's desk. Do you care about having lots of sounds to play with? Try looking at some digitals. Every Kawai piano comes with features unique to that model, so be sure to do some research and try them out yourself if you can.

Kawai acoustic pianos come with a ten year full manufacturer's warranty, or a 3-5 year warranty for digital pianos. This will give you peace of mind and protect the value of your investment.


Find your dream piano today!

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Images used in this article courtesy of Kawai.

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