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Instruments and accessories are available for purchase in-store only. Please contact us or call (801)226-1760 with questions.

The Yamaha YFL-577HCT professional concert flute is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design. Drawing inspiration from Yamaha's world-class handmade flutes, this luxurious instrument delivers a pure, colorful tone and exceptional responsiveness, empowering advanced flutists to express their musicality with precision and artistry.


The 577HCT's hand-finished sterling silver headjoint is the heart of its exquisite sound. The sterling silver offers superior resonance and responsiveness, allowing flutists to project their tone with clarity and ease.


If you are an advanced flutist seeking an instrument that will elevate your performance to the next level, the Yamaha YFL-577HCT professional concert flute is the perfect choice. With its pure tone, exceptional responsiveness, and premium features, the 577HCT will inspire you to create and perform at your best.


This instrument is available in-store at Summerhays Music of Orem. Contact us to plan your visit, or give us a call at (801) 226-1760.

Yamaha YFL-577HCT Professional Flute

    • Key of C
    • Sterling silver headjoint
    • Silver-plated body and footjoint
    • Silver-plated keys
    • Offset G key
    • C# trill key
    • Split E mechanism

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