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Instruments and accessories are available for purchase in-store only. Please contact us or call (801)226-1760 with questions.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of wooden flutes with this Grenaddilla addition to our range. Meticulously designed and crafted, this masterpiece pays homage to the revered artisans of yesteryears who crafted remarkable wooden flutes. Experience the seamless blend of timeless elegance and modern innovation in this remarkable instrument.


The TJ Grenadilla wood flute offers a remarkable level of freedom and expressiveness. Its free-blowing nature allows you to effortlessly channel your musical ideas and emotions, creating enchanting melodies that resonate with depth and richness. The harmonious fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design elevates your playing to new heights, unlocking a world of artistic possibilities.


Designed specifically for professional musicians seeking a high-quality wooden flute without straining their budget, the TJ Wooden Flute stands as a testament to our commitment to affordability and excellence. Its superb craftsmanship and exquisite tonal characteristics make it an ideal choice for those who already own a precious metal flute and crave the distinct qualities of a wooden instrument. Additionally, high-level students and dedicated amateurs will find immense pleasure and inspiration in the captivating sound and elegant aesthetics of this flute.


As you embrace the warm and resonant tones of the TJ Grenadilla wood flute, you embark on a journey of musical discovery. Every note sings with a distinct clarity and richness, captivating listeners and infusing your performances with a touch of sophistication. This flute becomes an extension of your musical expression, empowering you to explore new realms of creativity and further ignite your passion for music making.


This instrument is available in-store at Summerhays Music of Orem. Contact us to plan your visit, or give us a call at (801) 226-1760.

Trevor James WF-HROE Grenadilla Wood Flute

    • Material: headjoint, body and footjoint in Grenadilla wood with silver-plated mechanism
    • Keywork : B foot and half offset G with E mechanism as standard
    • Headjoint : Grenadilla wood hand cut and finished by English flute headjoint maker Andrew Oxley
    • Pitch A=442
    • Case: Cherrywood case with purple lining
    • Case cover: TJ black canvas with shoulder strap
    • White gauze cloth
    • wooden cleaning rod 

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