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The GL-30 grand piano is a piano that will surprise you. Its 5′ 5″ frame is smaller than a traditional “classic grand.” But the GL-30 was a piano built to exceed expectations. A valuable model in the celebrated GL Series line of grand pianos (that was named Global Music Industry “Product of the Year” by MMR Magazine in 2016), the GL-30 is a high-quality instrument with a superb range of tonal expressiveness. It features the revolutionary Millennium III Grand Action with Carbon Fiber Composites that provide the player with sensitive and consistent touch year after year. In a flexible size that adapts admirably to a wide range of performance spaces, the GL-30 will outperform any comparable grand piano.


FREE DELIVERY WITHIN UTAH COUNTY. Try your instrument in-store before you buy.

Kawai GL-30 5'5" Classic Grand Piano


    Length: 5''5" (166 cm)

    Width: 59" (150 cm)

    Height: 40" (102 cm)

    Weight: 688 lbs. (312 kg)


    White Key Surfaces - Acrylic

    Black Key Surfaces - Phenol

    Action - Millennium III Upright Action with ABS-Carbon Fiber

    Hammer Felts - All Underfelted


    Soundboard - Solid Spruce, Tapered

    Agraffes - 1-46 Keys

    Duplex Scaling - Fore & Back

    Back Posts - 3


    Pedals - Damper, Sostenuto, Soft

    Casters - Single, Brass

    Lid Props - 2

    Fallboard - "Soft Fall" Closing System

    Music Rack - 5 Positions


    Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design (SOLID)
    Longer Keys
    Steel-Reinforced Keyslip & Keybed
    V-Pro Plate

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