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Clarinets - Music Fest 2023

Find price drops, rebates, and more great deals from Utah County's largest selection of clarinets!

Amazing Clarinets

Find the best instruments at Summerhays! We offer an incredible selection of clarinets and bass clarinets from top brands like Yamaha, Backun, Royal Global, and many more! 

More clarinets are on the way! Check back often to find other amazing instruments!


Bundle and Save!

Get up to 20% off select mouthpieces, barrels, and accessories when you purchase a new clarinet or bass clarinet.

Special Events for Clarinetists

Wes Kreitz FB IG.jpg

Yamaha Road Show with Wes Kreitz

Thu, NOV 16 at 5pm
Wes Kreitz from Yamaha, get hands-on with exclusive inventory, and get up to $200 off a new Yamaha instrument.

Scott Smith FB IG.jpg

Clarinet Clinic & Choir with Scott Smith

Fri, NOV 17 at 6pm
Learn clarinet techniques and improve your playing with Royal Global's Scott Smith. Then play in a clarinet choir! Bring your instrument!

Ryan Richman FB IG.jpg

Evolution of the Saxophone with Ryan Richman

Sat NOV 25 at 10am

Learn all about the saxophone's history with instrument designer and Vice President of Eastman, Ryan Richman!

Why Choose Summerhays?

Yamaha Tuning Fork Logo.jpg

Industry-Leading Brands

Choose clarinets from top brands like Yamaha, Backun, Royal Global, and others. These instruments are preferred by professional players and teachers for their superior sound and craftsmanship.


Try Before You Buy

Pick from dozens of clarinets: all available in-store in every price range. Playtest them side by side until you find the one you absolutely love!


Playtested and Ready to Go!

We regularly playtest and inspect our wind instruments to make sure they're in optimal condition. That way, you go home with the best-playing clarinet possible.


Financing Options

It's easy for you to take home your dream instrument with monthly payment plans. Choose our rent-to-own program, or learn more about our other special financing terms.

Have a Question? Let Us Know

Want to know more about clarinets or other services at Summerhays? Call us at 801-226-1760, or reach out to us using the form below.

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