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New Woodwind Instruments for 2021 at Summerhays Music of Orem

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The wonderful world of woodwinds is getting a little bigger this year! We're excited to share with you some of the new and upcoming instruments available from our partners. Here's a few of them:

Yamaha Baritone Saxophones

Yamaha bari saxes have long been a favorite in both school settings and in the hands of professional players. They've gone back and changed some design elements in both their student and professional lines of instruments, and for the first time ever they are introducing a new Custom-level bari sax.

YBS-480 Intermediate Baritone Sax

For over 35 years the YBS-52 has been a staple in thousands of school band programs throughout the world. Despite this success Yamaha set out to improve on its design, resulting in the new YBS-480.

The redesigned bore and neck are modeled after the professional YBS-62, enhancing the overall tone of the horn, while the redesigned bell also enhances the intonation.

The sax is also noticeably lighter in weight with keywork made to fit smaller hands, making this ideal for any younger player switching to bari sax for the first time or for use in the marching field.

YBS-62II Professional Baritone Sax

The second generation of the YBS-62, this longtime favorite now features improved ergonomics in the key layout making it easier to play longer and faster more comfortably. It also has a slightly shorter bell, improving the overall intonation of the instrument.

YBS-82 Custom Baritone Sax

For years the Yamaha Custom saxophones have been sought after by players around the world, and yet there has never been a Custom-level bari sax until now. Like the YBS-62II, this amazing sax features highly ergonomic keywork and a shorter bell for ease of playability and superior sound and intonation.


Trevor James Flutes

We're expanding our selection of flutes available from Trevor James! The previous Cantabile and Virtuoso models have always been popular among locals as well as our woodwind staff.

The Trevor James company has made some updates to their line of flutes. The new Chanson model (replacing the Cantabile) now has an upgraded Voce 958 headjoint. This new headjoint is made from 958 sterling silver. Or in other words, it's a more pure concentration of silver.

Virtuoso models will also feature the new 958 headjoint, offering the player many different tonal colors and capabilities you'd only find on higher end flutes. More options for Virtuoso flutes will be available, including split E mechanism and C# trill key.


Backun Clarinets

We're also expanding our selection of Backun clarinets!

Starting in 2021 the second generation of Q-series clarinets will be upgraded with a redesigned bore based on their custom-level Lumière clarinets, offering a more balanced tone and increased projection. They'll also feature the same bell and barrel found on the Lumière.

The semi-professional Protégé clarinets can also be special ordered in a variety of configurations. You can order yours with either a grenadilla or cocobolo wood body, bell, and barrel; silver, gold, or rose-gold keys; and with or without an Eb lever.

Summerhays will also have a selection of Backun barrels and Vocalise mouthpieces in stock, so if you already have a clarinet you love you can still upgrade your sound by changing your instrument's setup.


Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone

Another exciting new instrument from Yamaha is the new YDS-150 digital sax! Unlike other digital wind instruments, this thing feels and plays a lot more like a real saxophone thanks to the mechanical keywork, real saxophone mouthpiece, and the yellow brass bell.

As far as features go, this instrument is pre-loaded with over 70 saxophone and synth sounds, with options to alter and customize each of those sounds. You can then output the sound to external speakers or headphones via the phone jack, or connect wirelessly to a number of devices via Bluetooth.

Another great use for the YDS-150 is as a MIDI controller on any DAW program such as Logic Pro or Cubase. This greatly expands the capabilities of the digital sax, opening up nearly endless possibilities for performing and recording.


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