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New Brass Instruments for 2021 at Summerhays Music of Orem

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

With 2020 behind us it's time to look forward to making more music and more memories. The New Year brings us some exciting new brass instruments available from our partners which are sure to be exciting for players at any level.

S.E. Shires Alessi Q Series Trombone

Designed in conjunction with renowned trombonist Joseph Alessi, this new trombone is an exceptional instrument at an affordable price. Like other Shires trombones, the Q Alessi features a revolutionary combination of materials and construction to produce the perfect balance of color, efficiency, and resonance.

"I’m very excited about the Alessi Q Series which we’ve tested. This instrument features unique parts that are not found anywhere else. It is a wonderful professional line instrument at an affordable price!”

Joseph Alessi, PrincipalTrombone, New York Philharmonic


B.A.C. Handcraft Series Trumpets and Trombones

Summerhays Music of Orem is now an authorized vendor for instruments by Best American Craftsman! Based in Kansas City, Missouri, B.A.C. has been repairing, creating, and customizing trumpets and trombones for over two decades. And as the name suggests, the Handcraft series of instruments are actually hand-made right in their Kansas City factory.

We have a selection of Handcraft instruments available right now in-store! Here are some of the instruments you can find:

Paseo Trumpet

"Designed for musicians who crave a rich, complex sound with plenty of core, the Paseo Model trumpet features a beautiful, full copper Reso-Tempered bell along with all brass leadpipe, and tuning slide crooks with nickel silver trim. This combination of design elements brought together for this instrument yield a beautiful and unique sounding trumpet with an incredible amount of versatility."

Paseo 'Z72' Trumpet

"The 'Z72' is one of the newest additions to the B.A.C. Handcraft Series, and embodies superb tone quality and flawless action. The 'Z72' was designed to suit the needs of a stronger musicians that demands a more full and sonorous sound. The tooling used for this instrument came from a very respected American workshop in Anaheim, CA, and was one of the more popular commercial models produced among studio and session players."

Plaza Trombone

"The Plaza Model Symphonic large bore trombone was designed for a musician seeking a full, bombastic trombone, with incredible and complete control. The instrument features a yellow brass hand hammered one-piece bell. The taper of the bell paired with the yellow 'cartridge brass' provides a beautiful balance between superb intonation, solid core of sound and flexibility for the musician. The lightweight yellow brass handslide feels lighting fast and surpasses expectations for quick and effortless passages of music."


Eastman EFH885 Professional Double Horn

The newest horn in Eastman's professional lineup, the EFH885 offers exceptional resonance and tone, allowing any player to to play with complexity and passion. The new Geyer-Knopf wrap allows for a more consistent airflow, giving the musician exact control over the horn and play with enhanced precision.


John Packer Brass

Summerhays Music of Orem is now an authorized vendor for John Packer Musical Instruments! With a loyal team passionate about music, the company has evolved from a small store in the UK to a global brand recognized and enjoyed by musicians all over the world. Here's a selection of the John Packer instruments we have available:


Bach Student Brass

A long-standing American institution, Bach has manufactured some of the most beloved trumpets and trombones in the industry. The newly redesigned student line of trumpets and trombones offer improved tone, durability, and response making them ideal for any young musician who's starting out.


And Many More!

We have a large selection of instruments available from our many other manufacturer partners including Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Cannonball, and more! Stop by our shop any time and we'll help you find your new favorite instrument!

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